Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thanks, Uncle Ben!

Uncle Ben, I want to tell you about yesterday. Aunt Betsy babysat me while "mum" and "da" went out to dinner. I found your room...and wanted to thank you for sharing your toys with me while you are away at college.

I found this shelf... filled with all sorts of wonderful "balls". I couldn't wait to get my hands on them!

Aunt Betsy was really nice and let me hold each one.. until I wanted another.

Then I noticed this great hoop on your closet door. Again, Aunt Betsy, being the fun aunt that she is, helped me make a few hundred baskets.

I think her arms got tired so Aunt Betsy sat on your bed and held the hoop for me.

Speaking of your bed.... we did a little jumping and looking for more "balls" in the Sports Illustrated Covers on your wall.

I also liked your "ut ball" and tried to spin it like "da" does.

So thanks again, Uncle Ben. It will be more fun playing in your room with YOU when you come home! We miss you !

P.S. Don't worry..... Grammie will be cleaning everything up!

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