Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Last night the four kids and boyfriends and girlfriend went out for an early New Year's eve dinner. Ed and I watched Jack at our home. For us, it was a perfect New Years. Our kids chose to hang out together and we got Jack to ourselves. :)

It's been a busy week....lots of family, kids, and friends in and out! That means lots of piles and clutter (mostly mine, I'm afraid!) This afternoon the kids helped me take down the Christmas decorations. As we speak, the decorations are piled up... not taken down to the basement yet.... another pile! My life consist of too many unfinished projects to mention and too many sentimental "things" that I may someday need. I feel like I spend more time "moving things" than "using things"!!

Yesterday, I was talking to my friend, Connie, who is a wonderful housekeeper. She reminded me that January is de-clutter month. Now I'm not sure who started that but it is always a good time to clear out. I feel that way every year when I put away Christmas. So I am declaring that I AM DETERMINED TO CLEAN UP AND CLEAR OUT!!

PS~ Katie just read this post and said there were more pictures of Jack than anyone else- so here's a picture of Katie and her good friend, Kaitlyn. Happy Katie? (xoxo)


  1. A picture perfect family!!
    I can so relate to the clutter issue - it is a sad by-product of a creative soul!! Here's to our de-cluttering success in January (or at least in 2010!) LOL Wishing you an abundance of creativity from within, and the peace that will come as a result....happy New Year!!!

  2. What a wonderful family picture ... we need to print a large copy of that on this fancy printer of mine!
    Happy New Year to you, friend.

  3. What pretty, pretty children! I know you are beaming!

    I'm a clutterbug, has your decluttering gone? I'm still dreaming of the day. :)

    oxo Judy