Saturday, July 31, 2010

My $20 Chair!

A few weeks ago I picked up my $20 thrift store chair from the sweet lady in Richmond who makes my slipcovers. I am so happy with how well it turned out and the total price with labor ($90) and sale fabric ($120) was still a great bargain for this area! The ottoman was actually an additional $5. It was "half price furniture day" at the Salvation Army in Leesburg!

Every morning when I walk downstairs Beast (our black tailless cat) is still asleep in the chair . I'll grab my camera next time....he looks great sleeping on the black and white toile!

So today, I'm off to find a another something to slip cover! I'll be leaving tomorrow for Richmond for a three day lesson in making slipcovers. I have wanted to know how forever and this is such a great opportunity to learn from someone who has been doing this for 50 plus years! I plan to take pictures as a reference since I am visual...oh my, I hope I can do it!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

"My Space!"

Finally, I have made some progress in moving my sewing down the basement. I haven't made enough uninterrupted time to finish organizing everything quite yet, but it's getting there. I want to have a place for everything and train myself to put everything in its place! That may take some practice!

Each piece of furniture that I've moved in has a specific purpose and I love each piece but my favorite, by far is the table placed as an island in the center of the room. I scooped it up at The Cottage and painted it a beautiful blue. Love, love, love the bottom shelf where the locker baskets fit perfectly! It serves as my cutting table- just the right height.

I wish I had a lens for my camera that would show the entire room. I walk downstairs and am so thrilled to have everything in one place. And I'll love it even more when everything gets put away! Here's a glimpse ......

Lexi sent me a link to a blog she found where the blogger was selling these three little vintage machines. They were a great buy and so happy to look at!

I felt a bit guilty about painting the chestnut cupboard, but it turned out just perfectly and it is so nice having some of my special sewing collection behind glass doors.

Thank you, family, for putting up with my mess and piles for so many years. I hope I can do a better job keeping it contained now.
To see new pillows, click on this link for The Cottage!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good Day!

What a GOOD day! This morning I made my annual peach pie! It's so yummy and E A S Y- the recipe is from my mother's 1950 Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. Tonight we had friends for dinner. The pie is gone.

After Jack's nap I met Holly in Leesburg for a late lunch and then we drove to Lovettsville to cut fresh flowers at "Fields of Flowers". I had not been there in several years. Robbie, who owns the flower farm made the floral arrangements for Holly and Nathan's wedding four years ago this August.

Little did I imagine then that I'd be back there with this precious little boy.

The flowers and scenery were so beautiful.

At one point Holly went into the shed to get a bucket and called for me to "come see Jack, you don't wanna misss this." He had helped himself to a garden hat and was ready to do some serious flower cutting!

Lots of bees and butterflies! I could have taken pictures for hours! What a creator our God is!

It took a while to get this picture....

Lots of cut flowers and fun memories.

We had so much fun I lost track of time and only had time to put together this one little arrangement before my guests arrived for dinner. I hope to go back before summer ends!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"More Beach"

as Jack says 200 times a day. He loves playing with his animals in the sand and is fearless running into the water. Here are some photos of this past week.

Fire works on the beach.

and ring around the rosy!
Family photo night!Gotta run... Jack is already at the beach!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th!

Sorry, all 7 readers, that I've been AWOL for a while...just been having too much fun relaxing with family and friends at the beach! Last week, before all of the kids and husbands arrived, Ann and I went 45 mins. away to Suffolk to meet up with 2 high school friends. Pat's wreath looked adorable and I told her it was definitely "blog worthy"!

So many fun memories have been made already this week. Highlights include:
1- remembering Ann and Kenny's first date in 1974.. which included several serious kisses!
2- being told about Abby's and Kevin's first kiss...Ann didn't want to know the details!
3-Jack seeing the ocean for the first time -"more beach"
"more beach"
4- some great meals at home and already twice to "Surf Rider" for crab cakes!
5- Ed is a great noon griller and cabana boy. We LOVE his bubba burgers on the beach!6-Oh- and fun bingo game nights with silly prizes!

week no. 2 coming up :)