Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th!

Sorry, all 7 readers, that I've been AWOL for a while...just been having too much fun relaxing with family and friends at the beach! Last week, before all of the kids and husbands arrived, Ann and I went 45 mins. away to Suffolk to meet up with 2 high school friends. Pat's wreath looked adorable and I told her it was definitely "blog worthy"!

So many fun memories have been made already this week. Highlights include:
1- remembering Ann and Kenny's first date in 1974.. which included several serious kisses!
2- being told about Abby's and Kevin's first kiss...Ann didn't want to know the details!
3-Jack seeing the ocean for the first time -"more beach"
"more beach"
4- some great meals at home and already twice to "Surf Rider" for crab cakes!
5- Ed is a great noon griller and cabana boy. We LOVE his bubba burgers on the beach!6-Oh- and fun bingo game nights with silly prizes!

week no. 2 coming up :)

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  1. Hygiene (Hi Jean),
    Perhaps I'll get someone to teach me how to post photos on MY blog. Then perhaps I'll buy three matching PINK bikinis. Later perhaps Lisa, Kayti and I will pose accordingly. On second thought, perhaps not.
    But I love YOUR beach photos!!!!