Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good Day!

What a GOOD day! This morning I made my annual peach pie! It's so yummy and E A S Y- the recipe is from my mother's 1950 Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. Tonight we had friends for dinner. The pie is gone.

After Jack's nap I met Holly in Leesburg for a late lunch and then we drove to Lovettsville to cut fresh flowers at "Fields of Flowers". I had not been there in several years. Robbie, who owns the flower farm made the floral arrangements for Holly and Nathan's wedding four years ago this August.

Little did I imagine then that I'd be back there with this precious little boy.

The flowers and scenery were so beautiful.

At one point Holly went into the shed to get a bucket and called for me to "come see Jack, you don't wanna misss this." He had helped himself to a garden hat and was ready to do some serious flower cutting!

Lots of bees and butterflies! I could have taken pictures for hours! What a creator our God is!

It took a while to get this picture....

Lots of cut flowers and fun memories.

We had so much fun I lost track of time and only had time to put together this one little arrangement before my guests arrived for dinner. I hope to go back before summer ends!


  1. I love him! And you guys! Looks like Jack got a hair cut!

  2. I like his haircut! Love the flowers!