Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thanks...Linda, Lexi, Ann and Betsy!

Thank you, Linda, for sharing with me the beautiful hydrangeas from your yard. They were magnificent in the dining room this past weekend. How do you get your bushes to bloom so well? Is it the soil or hours of sun? Below is the only bloom I have had on my own hydrangea bush in 3 years. It is beautiful, but I'd like a couple dozen of them!

Thanks, Ann, for lugging my thrift store chair back down to Richmond for a make over! Can't wait to see the black toile slip cover! (Sorry forgot to take a before picture to post- but can do a before/after when I get the chair back.)

Thanks, Betsy, for inspiring me to make cookies last week. After watching you make 75 graduation cap cookies, a few ducks and baby bottles for the baby shower didn't seem like too much to tackle. It was harder than I anticipated and I have a new appreciation for the cost of hand decorated cookies! I would never have finished without your help, Lexi! Thank you for being so unselfish with your time!

Between cookie making and baby shower hosting, and of course preparing meals for the gang, I have made huge progress with my sewing workspace. It is exciting seeing it come together and I am so anxious to have it all set up and resume some production. I actually get kinda grumpy when I am not creating something. Updated workspace pictures are promised for the weekend....the pressure is on to finish!

Friday, June 4, 2010


I LOVE FRIDAYS! This afternoon Jack came over to play and pick strawberries. I has been looking forward to seeing him discover the little strawberry patch. He was so precious, picking off the stems and popping a whole strawberry into his mouth.

With 12 more school days ahead, each day this week was packed full. The highlights of the week included Betsy and Holly as key note speakers at the LCPS teacher cadet recognition assembly. They did a fantastic job speaking in front of 200 students, fellow teachers and administrators. I was so proud of my girls!

And last night our senior small group girls had their graduation dinner... so many memories after 4 years together. So blessed to have had these years with them.

While outside this afternoon, I took some "bee pictures"... just seeing how close I could get. I thought this one was really fun.

And the little wheel barrow on the front porch welcoming summer! Yipee...12 more days of school!!