Thursday, January 28, 2010

Perfect Match

Earlier in the fall I bought these vintage tureens from a dealer I know as he was unloading his truck at the flea market. Most were without lids and were a whopping $5.00 each. Single lids were $3.00. With those prices, I got carried away. I just couldn't leave them there! I did snag a few complete pieces...I think they may have been a bit more. This picture is actually a small portion of what I brought home. . . ironstone platters, sugar bowls, small miscellaneous pieces. To relieve my guilt, I have given a lot of it to friends.

Several months later, I went to PA with friends to this dealer's home to get a first hand peek at his stash. My chin was on the floor as I saw shelves and shelves of ironstone and transferware. Hundreds of pieces were without their "tops" or "bottoms", but still so charming. So... I brought more home. (I know, I might have a problem.... dishes and fabric.....) Well, the fun find of the day was hiding in the bottom of a box I was digging through. The lid for the pink ribbed tureen which I had bought months before! Back together..... a perfect match! It makes me smile. :)


  1. I know jealousy is not a good thing- but I AM!!!!!Great finds!!!!!!

  2. Oh my! How fun is that? Really fun!

  3. I'm with with envy. Two of my weaknesses are the same as mine...vintage dishes and fabric. Your pink ribbed tureen find story is amazing!

    I'm going to ramble around your blog for a while.

    Thank you for dropping by mine. I was glad you came.

    oxo Judy