Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday at The Cottage!

This afternoon, Holly, Jack and I delivered some pillows to "The Cottage". Jack had just awakened from a nice nap so he was in a great mood. It was the perfect time to put him in this vintage fire truck and take a few pictures. Every time I see it, I think how cute it would be for my front porch. The porch is large, wide, and wraps around the side of the house... really big enough for some serious fire truck driving! If it ever goes on sale, I just may have to consider buying it!

Really, just look at this ... don't you think I NEED it?

On another note.... the real reason we went was to MAKE money, not spend it. These are some of the pillows I finished this morning. I had so much fun using the little crocheted pieces to make flowers. I had bought a large bag full at the Big Flea for $4! Pretty good investment...

So much to make... so little time!


  1. My sentiments exactly - so much to make, so little time!!! You definitely NEED that firetruck - maybe you can barter a deal..... :>)

  2. With 4 children you are sure to get your money's worth with the firetruck!! :-D On another note, I LOVE those pillows. And think I NEED them! Love you! xoxoxoxoxo

  3. FYI - a fun thing to do - and you can discover new blogs and they can discover you - I wrote a short post about it -

  4. Love the tongue action of the little firetruck driver!!!