Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cat Woman?

"Don't post anymore cat pictures, mom, everyone will think you're a cat woman!"
"Maybe I am a cat woman?"

Well, at least I've always really likes cats. And when you week is super busy, and you aren't photographing cute little children living at home anymore, cute cat pictures don't require much thought. So here are some fun "Jack Cat" pictures. He continues to entertain us with the unexpected little places he puts himself into.

You're probably wondering if that's all........
Nope! Remember I might be a "Cat woman". I have more!

Just one more. I'll save the rest for another day....


  1. I love seeing Jack Cat in Jack Babies' rocker! So fun! Miss you so much!!! xoxo

  2. Jack epitomizes the phrase "cat nap"!!!!If he is your photographic muse- use him!!! I know I love seeing him!!LOL Ya' can't be a cat lady with ONLY one cat!!!! You should start a line of Jack greeting cards!! Love the one of him in the bowl!!