Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hearts for Haiti

When I dropped off the sachets at The Cottage, Linda suggested I make little heart pins. I watched a lot of news this weekend.. images of Haiti and the devastation there. Hand sewing gave me lots of down time to sit and pray as I stitched. I hold on to God's promises that he sees the big picture of how this disaster can be used to draw people to him. If you are looking for an avenue for giving, Compassion International would be a place to explore. All proceeds from these little pins will be combined with my family relief gift for the need in Haiti.

So, after stitching and praying, here's the finished product! With more coat left, I also decided to make another batch of the larger sachets to enjoy at home. Still... more coat left.... not surprising! Any suggestions?

I'm discovering a whole new world of wool I'm unfamiliar with. I've been researching "felting" old wool sweaters. After placing them in a pillowcase and washing them in hot water in the washing machine, they go through the dryer and are shrunken and ready for cutting. ( The pillow case will protect the inside of the washer from fuzz.) I also found some felted wool at Jo Ann Fabrics and web sites specializing in wool felt, http://www.weirdollsandcrafts.com and http://www.thefeltpeople.com ~ so I'm coming up with some new projects and thinking about old wool sweaters we have given away with regret!

Meanwhile- it's back to the familiar- pillow making- black/white, taupe and cream for a new pallet at the cottage! I plan on using some of those petticoats...

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  1. My mom asks, "What are you doing up at 4:16 AM?" Thanks for the soap, Jean! They all smell so good!