Friday, January 15, 2010

Repurpose and Reuse

I should have been the one to invent "the snuggie" because this has been part of my wardrobe for the past 10 years. Really, did I ever think this looked good?? I remember seeing this boiled wool wrap-coat at the Jones New York Outlet and fell in love. It was a big decision to chose black or red and I'm pretty sure I paid way too much for it. I decided I'd be bold and go for the red and I actually wore it for YEARS! For the past two years though, I knew it was time to move on. More than once, I'd pull it out of the coat closet to give away and then retrieve it. For what? I wasn't quite sure... but that was A LOT of good boiled wool.

When I was telling Holly that my plan was to cut up the coat, she said, "Oh mom, get Betsy to take your picture in it first, I want to remember you in that coat!" What she was really saying was that she just wanted to laugh at me wearing that coat! The question is- how long have people been laughing? (This picture is blurry because Betsy was having a hard time composing herself.) I just have one question for my girls. "Why did you ever let me wear this?"
Truly, I'm embarrassed!

So I began cutting and created these little sachets, using vintage lace and buttons as embellishments.

I took them to The Cottage yesterday. I think they are the perfect little gift for someone you love. I also have made several sets of LOVE blocks and embroidered pillows.

So I'm looking at a three day weekend.... more cutting of the coat!


  1. Mom, this is hilarious -- glad you took my advice.

  2. If you loved the coat and it spoke to you, do you really care what others think? That being said, I think I like the hearts better :)

  3. Oh my goodness! You were finally brave and made the first cut! Ha! I'm glad Holly had you take the photo....Despite the cost of the coat, now you will recoup some of the cost? And those little sachets are DARLING! Miss you!

  4. Very cute idea for your lovely coat. Just jumped over from Darby's blog and I love what you have here!

  5. Great repurposing of that coat!!!It can now spread the love elsewhere!!I cut up old wool all the time - totes, purses, pillows. Those hearts are adorable!!!

  6. Now THAT shows some gumption (is that a word?). I love the results! Wouldn't it be great if everything we've hung onto too long could be repurposed in such a lovely way?
    Your pics made me smile!

  7. I love repurposing, and your idea is a LOVEly one. I understand why they let you wear that coat. It had to be toasty, toasty warm during those cold winter outings.

    oxo Judy