Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jack's BIG DAY!

Jack started walking about two weeks ago and was cruising well this weekend- just in time for his big day! So many changes in one year.. it's just amazing!

What a weekend! So much went on in two days, it was hard to edit it all for this post. Believe me, I really did try! We began celebrating Jack's 1st birthday Friday night. Nine family members and 2 boyfriends went out to dinner.

By noon on Saturday. the house was filled with party guests. Holly's friend, Lexi, flew in from New Hampshire to surprise her. It had been several months since she had seen Jack.

Nathan held Jack as they opened presents together. A favorite-a rocking horse whose head actually moves, from Lexi and her dad.

And Jack had his own, personal cake. So cute.. he was cautious at first.

But quickly caught on!

One of the party highlights was when Jack and Ava were sitting together for a birthday photo when.....

Jack got his "first kiss"!

The day ended with with a little Trick or Treating and a very scary "pumpkin head" sitting on our front porch. We wondered why we had so much candy left this year!


  1. How cute!! It's amazing how traditions continue - mom's and g'mas always have those 1st cake and 1st kiss pix!!! Jack is adorable!!!

  2. Oh Betsy. You make me smile! Can I be the cool aunt?