Friday, November 13, 2009

Who's that in the cupboard?

Years ago, I went to Richmond to pick up some furniture left to me by a relative. In the dark corner of the basement, my friend noticed this cupboard and insisted that I not leave it for Salvation Army. So, so happy I followed her advice! We got it home, had it refinished and hung in the kitchen. It holds our everyday dishes.... a collection of blue and white.

This little plastic boy came my way from another relative. As a little girl, I would always see it in her kitchen and thought it was so scandalous. His hat comes off so he can be filled with water. Obviously, when his hat is squeezed, he relieves himself! I've never seen another one anything like him. So now, this little guys resides among our everyday dishes. Maybe that's a little odd!


  1. When I "grow" up, I want a cupboard just like this. I love it so much, always always have! Just like I've always loved the Mary Engelbreit christmas are putting that up this year, right? xoxo

  2. That cupboard is a great find - the little doll is hysterical!!!!:>)

  3. I have a doll like that! My dad was in WWII,stationed in India. He had a box of B&W pictures, a rubber lady doll sitting on a small wood pedestal. When you turned the handle under the pedestal it made her boobs wiggle! Of course, she had no top on! There was a set of ivory salt and pepper shakers, and THIS doll. Mine has a carmel-brown cap. My dad has been gone for many years now and have these things. I always loved them as a child, and still love them now. The cupboard is a wonderful place for him. Hmmm, think I'll get mine out and display.....Thanks for the memories!