Sunday, November 29, 2009


With Thanksgiving behind us, there seem to be leftovers everywhere I look. I packed up any fall decorations this afternoon to make way for the Christmas season!

The pumpkins on the front porch went out with
the evening trash :(
And the flowers from our Thanksgiving table are fading fast.

Thankfully, the kids stayed for dinner before driving back to school- so tonight they ate the last of the left overs. Finally, the refrigerator can breathe! (Can you believe I actually posted this picture?) Scary!

I love Thanksgiving........ kids, cooking, laundry....I need to go back to work and get some rest!
(Really, I do LOVE thanksgiving and my family- I'm just a wee bit pooped!

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  1. I don't want to take down my autumn decor just yet - one more day........!!! My homegrown pumpkins on the porch, are going in the oven this afternoon, then the freezer, for future meals!!
    Love your little squirrel vase - so cute!!!