Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fun Finds at the Big Flea!

Several weekends ago, I spent Saturday morning at the Big Flea. I was all alone....poking through booths and uncovering some great treasures. I got some beautiful linens, at great prices, a few plastic Christmas ornaments and a huge lot of vintage jewelry. I spent $3.00 for this cute little book. Being red and green, it caught my eye as I imagined it as part of a Christmas vignette. As I picked it up to examine it more closely, an envelope fell out! Now I was certainly going to buy it.....what was written inside the envelope?

I hope you'll take time to read it...written 87 years ago....I wonder what happened to her and Walter..... (click to enlarge)

So either this was a rough draft or more likely an unfinished letter, never to be read by Aunt Netta. It made me think.... 87 years from now, where will our scraps of communication be and who will be reading them? I'm thankful I was the recipient of this scrap.. it made me happy :)

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