Sunday, October 25, 2009

Getting Goodies Ready

I spoke with Linda and Ann this weekend and discovered that I need to have Christmas goodies ready for The Cottage Holiday Open House for November 6th! So between birthday festivities, I have been sewing sewing sewing. There os SO much I want to make...every year I say the same thing~I should have begun in July! This year I decided to do something with my collection of Christmas tablecloths. They are mostly cutters and have been found either on E BAY or flea markets. Even though I never pay more than $10, I always have to get my courage up to cut them.

I'm not sure I can cut this one.. so many cute pictures.

The little banner flags are kinda slow to produce. Layers of interfacing and lots of cutting.

And then rows of stitching.

I can't wait to see them intertwined with fresh greens and hanging up.

1 comment:

  1. Those are so cute! I can't wait to see the final result! I miss you guys like crazy! How are the birthday party plans coming along for this weekend? And what is Jack being for halloween?