Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cute things on the porch!

This past weekend there was a lot of activity on the front porch! Jack had such fun discovering the pumpkins!
(Cute thing #1)

I made several arrangements of miniature yellow chrysanthemums to announce that Fall had arrived. They were only $1.49 ea. at Lowes and added so much fun color. (Cute thing #2)

The white pumpkins purchased at The Cottage filled the little green wagon. (Cute thing #3)

When we had this house built 20 years ago, we were so excited to have a front porch . I had visions of family porch gatherings. And over the years, the porch has been host to so much of our history.
Betsy and Stephen enjoyed the fall weather, hanging out on the porch Sunday afternoon.
(Cute thing #4)


  1. I just love your front porch. I don't know that any major milestone isn't impacted in some way by the porch. From homecoming to prom to christmas to thanksgiving to fourth of july to painting to kids camp. What didn't we do that involved the porch? I hope we live nearby someday soon so we can spend more time together and craft and keep up. I miss you so much! Lots of Love!!! xoxo

  2. There is a book out somewhere about porches and their place in our lives- your pix depict that perfectly!! I love my porch also!!!

  3. this post is just bursting with happy! love the mums, LOVE the yellow pillow, love the happy smiles.

    a beautiful post on your beautiful blog! enjoy your cute things.