Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's Show Time

It's been a busy fall and it suddenly hit me this past weekend...Hillary was having her next Chicks Picks show beginning on Thursday! So I've been soldering and decoupaging like a crazy person... finishing a total of 23 pendants and 5 more lazy susans. I made a ton of clipboards, only to discover that I had forgotten to order the cello bags for them. So... the November Chicks show will have an abundance of clipboards and restocked magnets. I just got back from delivering the last few items and took some quick pictures of a few of the products I made this week.

Hillary is so funny... she named the pendants!

Magnets...plenty of them!

And some new designs for the lazy susans.

Here are some cute products that other vendors have made. Rings, rings and more rings!

If you're in the area, stop by the Chicks Picks Home Boutique, tomorrow through Saturday.

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  1. I really wish I could go. In all seriousness if I could find a cheap ticket, I'd be there in a heart beat! I saw Jack's haircut how cute! I love him so much and miss him and all of you like crazy! Your necklaces look gorgeous, I love the new lazy susan designs, and I'm so excited because I'm taking a graphic design workshop (Adobe Photoshop etc.) in November! I can't wait to become a whiz (maybe Mrs. Mears will let me be her protege?!?) and designing invites, place cards, etc! LOVE YOU! xoxo (PS- Give Hillary my congrats on the Country Living article, I already read it online and plan on picking up the issue next time I'm out!)