Sunday, October 11, 2009

Who's that Little BOY?

Yesterday Ed, Holly and I went to Richmond for a wedding. Nathan stayed behind to keep Jack. So this morning I got a phone call from Holly to report that Nathan had taken Jack to get a haircut while we were away. "How short ?" I asked. "Well, they used clippers," she replied. I responded with a gasp. Nathan thought it was time for him to look like a boy!- and he does!!

Tonight we were invited over for dinner and when Betsy and I first saw him our mouths dropped open. It was a bit of a change and he didn't look like a sweet baby anymore. But it wasn't long before I actually liked it, because I realized he could be bald and still just as precious. And those eyes..... Each age, each stage.. it's indescribable! How blessed we are and thankful to God for Jack.

He fit right in with his big friends!


  1. So cute. It's hard to believe that he is almost a birthday boy. I love him so much.