Friday, April 30, 2010

Backyard Memories

I transplanted these lilly of the valley 22 years ago from my parent's backyard. They are such a sweet reminder of my childhood and how my mother taught me to appreciate the beautiful details of nature.

My world was small... consisting of a backyard and a creek to find adventure and explore. Sissy and I spent hours in those insect infested woods and a creek where we saw plenty of snakes! We spent many afternoons digging up salamanders in that creek, catching minnows with a small fish net, picking up buckets of rocks from my daddy's garden (I was paid 10 cents for a full load), quickly bringing in half dried clothes from the line as the rain began and carrying buckets of water up from the creek to water to garden.

That little world kept us both busy and entertained. Today, I'm not sure I would want my own children hanging out in the woods and wading in a creek, but I am so thankful that didn't cross my mother's mind.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bird Watching

Here are a few birdie projects I've been working on this week. I just long for more TIME to complete so many ideas flying around in my head.

My dear, talented and most unselfish friend, Lisa, once again has made an idea of mine a reality! It all began several years ago when I had nine little bird prints framed which I had saved from some of my mother's belongings. In the 1920s, the bird prints were distributed from the Singer Sewing Machine Co. and given out as premiums. I immediately wished that I had made copies before I had them framed.

So I snagged an entire set from EBAY for just a few dollars. They arrived bound with a faded construction paper cover and a red piece of yarn- obviously, a school project on song birds, completed decades before.

Lisa went to work repairing the punched holes using her photo shop skills...scanned them and together, we printed them on fabric! Using spray adhesive, we adheared the cut fabric to a piece of card stock and sent it through her 13" wide printer. There are now so many possibilities of images I want to scan and print. Thank you, Lisa!

I also decoupaged a few little birdie magnets. I thought they turned out really cute! :)

And finally, a little vignette from the Cottage...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Signs of Spring

I love spring! It is probably my favorite season because of the warm weather, longer days and amazing colors popping up. I've been working on my own rose garden, made with french silk wired ribbons. It's so relaxing stitching and seeing them come to life. They look really cute pinned to jean jackets, sweaters or even a pair of ballet flats. They've been selling well at both The Cottage and Chicks Picks.

It's been unseasonably HOT enough for Jack to play in the backyard with the hose. Funny stuff. He would play with the water for hours if we didn't distract him so we could get him dry and bring him inside.

This past weekend I went to Lynchburg, and had some quality time with sweet Katie. While we were waiting outside to be seated for dinner I played with the camera settings and was really pleased with how these beautiful flowers photographed.

Katie, Kaitlyn and Kelly....Montte and I had fun with you! Thanks for hanging out with us:)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"All this.. and Heaven too!"

It's Tuesday night and I have almost recovered! We had a fabulous weekend... It couldn't have been a more joyous Easter, enjoying God's blessings of family and close friends. All the kids were home- what could be better?

After church and lunch, we had a one man Easter egg hunt...that one man being JACK. He was precious beyond words. As we overreacted with extreme enthusiasm with every egg he picked up, I wondered how this may all affect his development. This child gets TONS of love and encouragement. We just cannot contain ourselves... hopefully we aren't too there such a thing with grandchildren?

Ben (take note of the rabbit ears) was a big help hunting eggs with Jack. After Jack filled his train basket Lexi brought him, he found it to be easier to just place the eggs in the wagon.

along with himself! He was so funny... saying egg, egg, egg, then suddenly he spotted the cat and it turned into kitty, kitty, kitty!

So here are a few more highlights of the day. I regretted that I got so carried away documenting Jack's first egg hunt that I didn't get more family pictures.. just too much going on!

"All this.. and Heaven too!" We have so much to look forward to and what better time to celebrate God's promises than Easter!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

More Fun

On the way to the airport in Greenville, we met Sissy's friend at Mary's Restaurant where the three of us ate lunch sitting out overlooking the gardens in a beautiful newly revived area of downtown.

Spring had officially sprung in Greenville. Thanks to Sissy for loaning me her extra lens, I was able to take pictures of the beauty. South Carolina is probably two weeks ahead of us in Northern VA. Can't wait to see some blooms at home!

Over the weekend, Ben drove from USC to Pickens to get a home cooked meal and a good night's sleep.....and to shoot a BB gun with Uncle Daniel... ( We don't do that in northern VA!) It had been several months since we had been together. I LOVED seeing him!