Monday, April 12, 2010

Signs of Spring

I love spring! It is probably my favorite season because of the warm weather, longer days and amazing colors popping up. I've been working on my own rose garden, made with french silk wired ribbons. It's so relaxing stitching and seeing them come to life. They look really cute pinned to jean jackets, sweaters or even a pair of ballet flats. They've been selling well at both The Cottage and Chicks Picks.

It's been unseasonably HOT enough for Jack to play in the backyard with the hose. Funny stuff. He would play with the water for hours if we didn't distract him so we could get him dry and bring him inside.

This past weekend I went to Lynchburg, and had some quality time with sweet Katie. While we were waiting outside to be seated for dinner I played with the camera settings and was really pleased with how these beautiful flowers photographed.

Katie, Kaitlyn and Kelly....Montte and I had fun with you! Thanks for hanging out with us:)


  1. I'm wearing my flower today! And just said to someone, I love this little pin, I think I'm going to have to request a few more colors to add to my garden! LOVE YOU! xoxo

  2. Love your flower pins and flower pix!!!
    Sounds like you, Montte and the girls had a good time!!!!

  3. Call me next time and I'll come play in the water with Jack! Looks like so much fun. Welcome, Spring!