Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"All this.. and Heaven too!"

It's Tuesday night and I have almost recovered! We had a fabulous weekend... It couldn't have been a more joyous Easter, enjoying God's blessings of family and close friends. All the kids were home- what could be better?

After church and lunch, we had a one man Easter egg hunt...that one man being JACK. He was precious beyond words. As we overreacted with extreme enthusiasm with every egg he picked up, I wondered how this may all affect his development. This child gets TONS of love and encouragement. We just cannot contain ourselves... hopefully we aren't too enthusiastic...is there such a thing with grandchildren?

Ben (take note of the rabbit ears) was a big help hunting eggs with Jack. After Jack filled his train basket Lexi brought him, he found it to be easier to just place the eggs in the wagon.

along with himself! He was so funny... saying egg, egg, egg, then suddenly he spotted the cat and it turned into kitty, kitty, kitty!

So here are a few more highlights of the day. I regretted that I got so carried away documenting Jack's first egg hunt that I didn't get more family pictures.. just too much going on!

"All this.. and Heaven too!" We have so much to look forward to and what better time to celebrate God's promises than Easter!

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