Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bird Watching

Here are a few birdie projects I've been working on this week. I just long for more TIME to complete so many ideas flying around in my head.

My dear, talented and most unselfish friend, Lisa, once again has made an idea of mine a reality! It all began several years ago when I had nine little bird prints framed which I had saved from some of my mother's belongings. In the 1920s, the bird prints were distributed from the Singer Sewing Machine Co. and given out as premiums. I immediately wished that I had made copies before I had them framed.

So I snagged an entire set from EBAY for just a few dollars. They arrived bound with a faded construction paper cover and a red piece of yarn- obviously, a school project on song birds, completed decades before.

Lisa went to work repairing the punched holes using her photo shop skills...scanned them and together, we printed them on fabric! Using spray adhesive, we adheared the cut fabric to a piece of card stock and sent it through her 13" wide printer. There are now so many possibilities of images I want to scan and print. Thank you, Lisa!

I also decoupaged a few little birdie magnets. I thought they turned out really cute! :)

And finally, a little vignette from the Cottage...


  1. Great idea - wish I had photo shop!!!! I can just imagine what you would create with MORE time!!! I can't believe you churn out the stuff you do now!!!LOL

  2. I love being a part of making your ideas become reality! It is an honor, indeed. Love you!