Friday, April 30, 2010

Backyard Memories

I transplanted these lilly of the valley 22 years ago from my parent's backyard. They are such a sweet reminder of my childhood and how my mother taught me to appreciate the beautiful details of nature.

My world was small... consisting of a backyard and a creek to find adventure and explore. Sissy and I spent hours in those insect infested woods and a creek where we saw plenty of snakes! We spent many afternoons digging up salamanders in that creek, catching minnows with a small fish net, picking up buckets of rocks from my daddy's garden (I was paid 10 cents for a full load), quickly bringing in half dried clothes from the line as the rain began and carrying buckets of water up from the creek to water to garden.

That little world kept us both busy and entertained. Today, I'm not sure I would want my own children hanging out in the woods and wading in a creek, but I am so thankful that didn't cross my mother's mind.

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  1. It's a different world today......
    Lily of the Valley is one of my favorite flowers - my grandmother had them in her garden! I planted some last year, and keep checking, but so far they have not returned..:>(