Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh We Need a LIttle Christmas....

Last week Holly and I were in Wegmans and bought the new GLEE cd for Ed- He's a big big GLEE fan, just loves the music! It really is a fabulous CD- sounds very Broadway like and We Need a Little Christmas is the first song it plays. It peps me up, gets me going.... decorating and cleaning....sorting and shifting and stuffing (my many piles around the house)...wrapping and sewing and wining ...about having so much to do. Pepping me up is good, but what I really need is Silent Night! I need desperately to be still and remember God's precious gift to us.

Last night I went to hear The Chalk Guy. I sat still.. so still my legs were restless. Ben's message and talent were phenomenal! I took away a lot. What really resonates was this, "When we say Merry Christmas we are actually saying CELEBRATE CHRIST." But not just at Christmas, God has called us who have received his gift to celebrate Christ each and every day. I am planning to work less on my piles and more on my heart this season. To be still and silent and hear from God.

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  1. The Chalk Guy looks very interesting - I will have to sit down(!) and go thru his site and check out his FB. Thanks for the link - altho we all love Christmas, it always seems to be the most stressful holiday of the year. Don't worry - you are not alone in shifting piles - alot of that going on here too!!!LOL