Friday, March 12, 2010

Preppy Vintage Blooms

When I stopped at the Cottage yesterday after school, I was delighted to see the color scheme of the front hall... pink and green!
Linda and Ann had spent two days fluffing and filling the Cottage with all sorts of exciting treasures. Funny thing is that I was just bringing in four pillows that I had just finished- and they were pink and green blooms made from vintage crocheted doilies. We couldn't have planned a better match if we had tried. I had found several cute doilies in a box under a table at the Big Flea last weekend and paid only $1.00 for each.

In other exciting news, I left the cottage and I faced the 5:30 p.m. Tysons traffic and went to Ritz camera to see what they could tell me about my "broken" camera. The salesman took one look at it, walked behind the counter, took off the lens and blew some air into it. Viola! It was FIXED! He explained that it needed cleaning, but warned me not to try that at home as the lens can easily shatter. I was so relieved that it was a simple solution. Thankfully, I had bought an extended coverage, and even more thankfully, even located it, but didn't actually need to use it.

So this afternoon, I stopped at the Cottage for what I think was the 4th time this week to snap a few pictures. Here's a better shot of the eggs. I had so much fun making them that today I ordered more eggs... I have a few new ideas of what I might do to decorate the new batch.

Ann and Linda... I won't be stopping by tomorrow!


  1. Thank goodness the camera is fixed! Weird that he told you not to take the lens off, because I take mine off to change between lenses all the time. (Although I am always nervous I am going to drop something)

  2. Question- do you ever sleep????? You just keep churning out the goodies!!! Love the eggs and the pillows. I may have to make one of those for my couch - I have a ton of vintage doilies, this is a great way to display some(with some vintage buttons!)!!!