Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fabric Overload!

I just returned from South Carolina for a spring break visit with Sissy! What a great visit.... beginning with Sis picking me up at the airport and driving directly to Mary Jo's Cloth Shop in Charlotte, NC. I have a PASSION for fabric. All fabric... decorator, drapery, quilting cottons, silks, trims.....I love to see the colors, soak in the patterns and feel the textures. I have always just loved fabric!

Well, I had already heard about Mary Jo's after Sissy's first trip and also on Young House Love's blog. I was not disappointed. I been to many fabric stores and but I don't think I've ever been to a place with such an extensive inventory. It was almost fabric overload. Marsha and sweet little Davis patiently followed me around for several hours, piling up fabric on top of the stroller! We took a lunch break and returned for round II! We returned to Pickens, just in time for dinner.

Thanks, Marsha for be such a trooper shopping with me. And sis... you know how to make my day!! Thanks so much for taking me there!!

There was no shortage of wonderful trims!
More tomorrow on my Spring Break in Pickens!

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