Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Little Monkey

I have my original sock monkey from when I was a child and have been collecting sock monkey paraphernalia for years... pajamas, ornaments, key chains, fabric...Holly is usually the recipient. She knows that for some odd reason it's special to me and has graciously appeased me by showing interest in this!
(Thanks, Honey!)

When we were socked in with Saturday's snow, I pulled out these slippers which I had gotten earlier in the winter for Jack. I think I actually found them at Walgreens and had put them away for next year, but we needed some entertainment! Jack just kept looking down at his feet- not sure what to think.

With that activity only lasting 5 minutes, we moved on to watching Jack eat raspberries from an egg cup. His little precious fingers were so sweet dipping in to get one after another.

I know I said no more "snow post".. but we're getting another 8-14 inches over the next 24 hours. I can't remember a winter like this in my lifetime, so please forgive me for the excessive snow blogging! School is canceled until next TUESDAY... now that's historic!

I just can't figure out where the snow will go when it's plowed....the first 32" haven't melted a bit!


  1. I'm thinking of starting a cranberry bog out here - once this snow starts melting - I will be living in total marsh land..............!From white snow to brown mud - can't wait!!!!LOL