Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Images of Naples

As promised, here are the highlights from our trip! The birds were not at all shy about being photographed.

And the shells are magnificent. I am always amazed at God's creation when I look closely at the details!

And of course.. the fabric store! A personal highlight! I absolutely love fabric!

The $8.00 a yard room! Yippee!!

I hope I didn't look this bad the whole time I was there. I think I was beginning to realize I didn't have a plan for getting the fabric home! Next stop? MARSHALLS...for a new suitcase. Now the weight of my two suitcases when I arrived at the airport? Well that's a whole nother story. Let's just say I have a very patient sister. :)

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  1. Warm beach, birds and shells - I will keep the images of these beautiful photos in my head, as I bundle up to go outside and give the horses their lunch!!! I will NOT look at the thermometer, I will not, I will NOT!!!! LOL