Saturday, February 6, 2010

Enough SNOW!

I never thought I'd complain about snow, but we've probably had enough! It's 3:20 p.m. and it's still coming down! I think we're close to 30 inches! First thing this morning Ed and I went out to dig a path. He eventually got the Tahoe out and I worked to save the butterfly bush and the dogwood tree that I planted 21 years ago when mama died. After enough snow went down my back, I gave up on saving them.

Next we went on a rescue mission to pick up Holly, Nathan and Jack who had been without power/heat since 3 a.m. I was expecting the worst, but the trip out there wasn't so bad. We followed a snowplow out of our neighborhood and only saw a few cars on route 7.

Visibility was poor... but Ed did a great job driving.

Mission accomplished! Jack was in his PJs and ready to go to a warm house.

I wish there was an accurate way to describe how crazy it is. Here are some morning pictures...

Here's "Nanny's Dogwood" tree.

"Just 5 mins. Ed, I'll be right out!"

Betsy's car is waiting for you...

Nathan will earn a BIG, LONG nap!

McKinsey and Ethan came over to "help".

And the chairs continue to disappear.

OK.. that's the snow news . Already, school has been closed for both Monday and Tuesday. YEAH!!!! No more snow complaining!.... and probably no more snow blogging either~!


  1. Ohhh you DO have a ton of snow!! It is really something to see isn't it?? Winter sure has no mercy this year. ;)

    Happy Shoveling!!! xo Heather

  2. I can't believe you actually might have more snow than us!!I measured 26 inches and deeper in the drifts. No plows out here - and power out twice!!!Woodstoves and generator are on!!! Can't wait to get more of this on Tuesday!!!! :>(

  3. Oh my!! I grew up in Colorado and Missouri and now that we live in Northern California, I don't miss the snow one bit! My kids, however, will miss growning up with it, and that's hard. We are about 3 hours from any snow, so we do try to make a point every winter to drive to Tahoe or somewhere they can play in it. Your photos are crazy!! I can't believe your car! LOL Cute shot of the snow-shoveler on the white couch, it made me giggle.