Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm Back....

to reality! I just returned this afternoon from 5 days in Naples, Florida! It was AMAZING, RELAXING, BEAUTIFUL, CALM, and I got to share that time with my very BEST friend, my sister.

I am so grateful that my good friends graciously shared their beautiful Naples home with Sissy and me. When we made our flight reservations several months ago, we didn't pay attention to the date and yesterday was actually the 1 year anniversary of daddy's death . It was wonderful that she and I were able to spend that day together. We talked about how happy mama and daddy would be that we enjoy being with each other. It's really amazing how much we think alike and even though we live 10 hours apart, we share so many common views. Most importantly, I am always awed by her constant unselfishness toward me and her unconditional love... not only for me, but for my entire family. She really, really loves my children.

So we just loved our time together...shopping and eating and shopping and eating! (No schedules, no meals to prepare). The weather was a bit cloudy, so we only made it to the beach once, but it was a monumental day trip to Sanibel Island, known for the best shelling around. Tomorrow I'll share some pictures from the beach. Tonight, the downloading is not behaving :( and I need to start unpacking the extra suitcase I had to buy after I went to a fabulous fabric store and purchased 2 "grab bags" of fabric.. along with a little yardage from their back sale room!

So, thank you, my sweet friends who made this memory possible.
What a blessing your friendship continues to be :)


  1. Talked to Holly this weekend and she told me you were there! So fun!! Did you make it to the jewelry store? Love You!!! xoxoxo

  2. So that's why it has been quiet in countryside!!! LOL Sounds like you had fun - love your pillows in the previous post!! Wow- when you get on a roll - you really churn them out!!!!

  3. I am so jealous of your toes!
    (A sentence I never thought I'd ever type.)
    Welcome Home!

  4. I love Sanibel too! It is so beautiful there. Spending time with sisters is rejuvenating for the soul. Keep sharing!