Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Out of Control!!

It's true... the dining room is out of control! For several years now, I have spent hours looking at my favorite blogs, reading about creative endeavors and looking at great photos. I don't recall ever seeing a mess so I thought I'd break the mold and show a really BIG MESS! (Will I regret this?)

Ever since school began in late August, my piles have multiplied. I seem to grab a few minutes to sew and I'm in such a production mode that I work to the very last second then shut down without reorganizing. It, of course, gets to the point that I can't work around that much mess, so I'll stop and clean up.

What I need to do is not work in the dining room. After all, it is for dining! My goal is to clean it up and clean it out. I'm having a bridal shower here in 5 days.....followed by Jack's 1st birthday and then Thanksgiving. So... I'm going to start digging out....

1 comment:

  1. oh my mom! your fabrics are taking over the house!! i love your pendants!! talk to you soon, love you!