Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Halloween Has Arrived!

I am always working a season ahead! Well, not always, I've been know to make one more "something" in the last hour. Halloween and fall are already selling at The Cottage. So today I stopped by and snapped these pictures before everything gets picked over. This year I made a double set of vintage Halloween blocks, one to sell and one to keep. The Cottage only has three left...maybe I should get one more set finished!

The Cottage has lots of really unique Halloween decor!

I got word this afternoon that Ann and Linda were heading home with two trucks filled with mums and amazing pumpkins.... straight from the farm.


  1. Oooh can I put in an order for halloween blocks??? Love all the pictures, and will definitely have to set up skyping with Holly! I miss you guys terribly! xoxo

  2. so cute & festive! bring on the pumpkins!