Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Last Pick

Yesterday I picked flowers from the garden for probably the last time this season.

I'm not much of a gardener, although I love seeing the results. I have such vivid memories of spending hours and hours helping my daddy in our family garden. (I would pick rocks out of the dirt and get paid ten cents per bucket!)

Years ago, I cleared a little patch for my own garden. I wanted to create memories for my children. They never became terribly interested, maybe because it's never been much of a garden. I always have high hopes when I am planting but somehow, as summer passes, my little garden always gets neglected. So I was pleased with enough tomatoes for our family and these precious tiny zinnias. Next summer...I'll plant again because honestly, almost every time I go to the garden, I think of daddy.


  1. hi,

    i just popped over for the first time and have a little lump in my throat from your post. so lovely, honest and heartfelt. i also love zinnias.

    happy almost-autumn to you!


  2. what a beautiful bouquet.. i remember when I was a kid my grandma had these flowers in her old fashion garder. they were blossoming always at the end of the summer time. what a beautiful memories.. thank you for sharing this picture:)

  3. I have wonderful memories of our garden, too. Your flowers are just simply beautiful. I love the little bird vase :). I also remember picking up rocks...but inflation must have hit by the time you were helping. I think I only made a nickel...or was that what we were offered to eat a tomato? Good think we could go around with the wagon and collect pepsi bottles to supplement our income!!!