Saturday, September 26, 2009

Love These Girls!

For the past three years, I have have had the privilege to co lead a small group Bible study of high school girls. We have been meeting weekly since these now seniors were just "lowly freshmen". On Thursday night, they planned a birthday celebration for me- complete with flowers, a HUGE singing card (which continues to make me smile everytime I open it), a chocolate ice cream cake, and gift cards from my two favorite places- Target and Michaels. (They know me well!)

Each week we eat, study, and pray for one another.

Katie was working at Young Life camp when the group pic was taken this summer... so I wanted to post this one from Christmas.And Crystal was away for the summer... Meghan is giving Crystal a "tummy hug?"

Each of these precious girls have been such a blessing in my life.
Thanks, girls, you made my day!


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  2. How sweet of the girls. I know they love you and appreciate all that you do for them. The only problem I see is that your cake does not have quite enough candles. Just kidding. I am so happy that you had a memory birthday. I miss you. Love, Sis