Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tweet Little Birds

It's funny what catches my eye. I've always noticed details and been drawn to old, "well-loved" things. So it always surprises me when I find myself seeking after a particular item or theme that I've probably passed by for years. I guess my taste continues to evolve.

For months now, I have been captivated by birds. I have been searching flea markets, e bay, and my favorite little antique stores for birds of all sorts....birds embroidered on tattered linens,
bird shaped pottery in soft pastel colors and little blue bird butter pats.

The linens were stacking up so I held my breath and took the first snip. A few hours later, these little tweet birds had a new life. You can now find them here.

1 comment:

  1. Love your bird linens!! They remind me of the birds on my g'mother's laundry bag- I've taking those same birds and let them 'take wing' on many other pillows, linens, and projects!!!
    Saw Montte today and she told me about your blog - I'm a follower now!! :>) Visit my two blogs if you get a chance!!!