Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's Way Too Quiet...

Ben left for University of South Carolina on Monday and Katie for Liberty University on Wednesday. There is always that rush to get everything together the last two days before going away. (It wasn't like we had all summer to gather their college necessities and I've already been to the post office to mail the "I forgot items") But we got it done and the dust has settled and it's way too quiet! We'll adjust here at home. We did last year with a completely empty nest. Ed and I learned how to go to the grocery store together just to have the company of each other once again.

This year Betsy flew back into the nest as she begins her teaching career. She's done well, adjusting to being at home again. I know it can't be easy for her, but her dad and I will cherish this season. I look back and it seems like yesterday we were getting 4 new backpacks for the new school year. I miss the confusion, the negotiating and the noise....

First Day of School 1996

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  1. I'll send Kayti or Andy or Kilmer over if you'd like!