Friday, August 28, 2009

Keep Calm

You never know what you'll wake up and do today, I often say. This morning was the epitome of that comment! I was suppose to be at school by 8:15- teacher preparation days. Holly, who is at home with the flu asked me to stop by her school and pick up some papers and planning materials for her classes. I called my school to tell them I'd be a bit late. To confuse matters more, the auto glass repair was coming to the school parking lot to replace the windshield of Ben's car (we switched so he could drive himself to USC) between 8-12.

I glanced at the clock as I walked out the door...timing was bags with school supplies were burdensome, so I opened the passenger side door of Ben's car and placed my three bags on the passenger's seat. I casually threw the key over to the driver's seat and shut the passenger door. I walked around the car and... yes...I was locked out. The key, my purse, my heavy bags- sat there smiling at me.

So here I am at the house, having made multiple phone calls to school, the insurance company, the glass repair people, Holly....waiting for the locksmith to arrive. (He's running "a bit behind".)

So I look at my favorite blogs and the Graphics Fairy had this posted:

Thanks! It's just what I needed today!

On a sweet note, today would have been my father's 91st birthday. This picture was taken when he was a year old in 1919. His legacy will live on in so many ways- so thankful we'll have eternity together.

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  1. So thankful God gave you some time to sit and blog and think about your daddy .. what a wonderful picture of him! How's the car? How's Holly?
    Miss you!