Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Fever and Exercising

Finally, it's looking like spring in Northern VA! Everything is blooming and green. Today was unseasonably warm and reached 82 degrees. After school, Betsy and I walked about 2 miles down to the river and I felt like I was going to has been too long since I pushed myself and I am out of excuses. Betsy volunteered to walk with me every afternoon! I wished I loved to exercise as much as I love sewing. Is it an acquired love?

But it was great just walking and talking with Betsy and feeling the warmth of the spring day. When we got back to the house, we noticed Beast was stretched out on the deck, experiencing a little of spring fever himself!

We inherited Beast from Holly and Nathan. I guess that makes him a grand-cat! If you're looking for his tail.....he doesn't have one!

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  1. The beast is adorable!!! WE had warmth yesterday - at least 82- and today, as a result - all my ornamental pear trees lining the driveway are in flower!!!