Saturday, April 16, 2011

Celebration for Baby Crewe

Last Saturday, Holly's friend, Megen, gave a baby shower for Holly and her upcoming arrival, baby Crewe! Since it was Holly and Nathan's second boy, Holly insisted that it be a small gathering of her Bible Study girls and a few close friends. Megen doesn't do anything in a small way! The shower was absolutely beautiful.. the details AMAZING! The food was presented beautifully and was simply delicious....I was definitely off my little diet!

Megen is an interior designer, can you tell?? I wanted to go home, de-clutter my home and paint new colors on my walls. She graciously allowed me to take and share some pictures of her talent.

Her ironstone collection made me swoon!

And her English Emma Bridgewater pottery was equally impressive.

This picture does not do her kitchen wall justice. The pop of color was so fun! I think Megen told me she bought the frames at IKEA.

Functional and CUTEness!

Megen actually stenciled this wall! What a vision she had for her dining room. To learn more about the transformation click here.

This is Megen, her son, Will and my dear friend Kay, Will's grammy. Thank you Megen for such a wonderful celebration for baby Crewe!

Holly's sweet friends and sisters!

Love, love, love these girls!


  1. What a lovely shower!!!And you're right, Megen's decorating is giving me the push to paint!!!LOL

  2. Wish I was there to celebrate with all of you!

  3. So beautiful! What a happy celebration too. Thanks for sharing!