Friday, April 22, 2011

Painting, Baking and Stiching!

This past week was our spring break and I had a great time catching up on a long list of projects. I spent three of the days in Richmond with Ann and her family. It was garden week in Richmond and just so beautiful. When I was growing up there I didn't even appreciate it. Today, I soak in it and take those amazing visuals home with me.

So... here's a little peek in some of my projects.. some finished and some still in progress. I made these cookies for the kids.

Painted chairs (and a kitchen table) for Holly... still working on these- found them at the thrift store as they were being unloaded from the truck and paid $30 for 6 chairs!! I bought a great fabric for the seats at U FAB in Richmond!

And made several dozen ribbon flowers for the Cottage.

So thankful for this time to catch up and recharge. So thankful for the beauty that surrounds me. But the Big Picture is this:
So thankful for the PROMISE of ETERNAL LIFE because of God's gift and the resurrection of the LORD!
Happy Easter!

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