Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Slip Covering 101

Well I am back from Richmond and and have discovered that slip covering IS NOT for DUMMIES! I can sew pretty well and my perceptual skills are OK... but this slip covering stuff is difficult! "Mrs. M", my slip covering tutor, is a spry 83 years old and had been cutting and sewing slip covers for at least 55 years. For two days, I felt like I was running a slip covering marathon and could hardly keep up with her!

I took pictures of the process, and made lots of notes as she did most of the measuring and cutting. She is a race horse.... in a day and half, we finished 2 identical chairs for my living room.

We started with this ugly chair from the thrift store...

After lots of cutting and pinning and stitching...

We have this beautiful chair!

I need to make a little book of pictures and notes before I forget all that I learned!
(Ann- thanks for running such a fabulous B&B!)

Ann took me to a newly discover fabric store, U- FAB, where I bought some beautiful french blue fabric which I will use to slipcover the sofa. Being a solid fabric, it should be a lot easier, not worrying about matching a pattern anywhere. I also bought some new area rugs from AAA Carpet. The website does not do the warehouse justice. T hey buy designer remnants and bind them right in their warehouse and they have an amazing selection at terrific prices... definitely worth a trip to Richmond if you are looking for an area rug.

On a side note, I am so thankful that my sweet husband doesn't have an opinion on these matters. It took him three days to notice that I had switched the old rugs to the new!

So much to do before school starts 2 weeks from tomorrow. Where did summer go?

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