Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tired Boy...

Today was out first day back to school for teachers which meant that it was Jack's first day with a new sitter. He did SO WELL and we are all so thankful! Tonight he is over Mimi and Pop's while his mom is at Bible study and dad is on a long run. He's a tired little guy, chillin in the chair and watching Wonder Pets. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this little guy!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Winding Down

Well one week from tomorrow I'll be back in school and it's really been a great summer! This afternoon I got back from USC... where Sis and I finished helping Ben get settled in his new house. It's hard for me to believe he is half way through school and I was really sad leaving him this can he be this grown up and independent? We work so hard for them to grow their wings and then we're sad when they do....

I have a list a mile long of projects to finish before school begins~ I need use my time wisely. Before I left for South Carolina, I did make these necklaces from vintage buckles and show clips-so easy and fun! They are for sale at The Cottage in Leesburg.

Last week the girls and I went to the thrift shop and I spotted 2 of the cutest lamps I have ever seen. The shades had been replaced and were hideous, so I took them off, left them in the store, and paid just $2.50 for each lamp! I needed shades and Target didn't have anything close to working so I went to a lighting store where I found a shade style that worked. I've hesitated taking the plastic off because I paid WAY TOO MUCH for the two shades. Holly was sweet and picked up 2 inexpensive shades in Lynchburg this past weekend, but they were not made for the harps. I do love the way theses pricey ones look with the lamp, so off the plastic will go tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Slip Covering 101

Well I am back from Richmond and and have discovered that slip covering IS NOT for DUMMIES! I can sew pretty well and my perceptual skills are OK... but this slip covering stuff is difficult! "Mrs. M", my slip covering tutor, is a spry 83 years old and had been cutting and sewing slip covers for at least 55 years. For two days, I felt like I was running a slip covering marathon and could hardly keep up with her!

I took pictures of the process, and made lots of notes as she did most of the measuring and cutting. She is a race horse.... in a day and half, we finished 2 identical chairs for my living room.

We started with this ugly chair from the thrift store...

After lots of cutting and pinning and stitching...

We have this beautiful chair!

I need to make a little book of pictures and notes before I forget all that I learned!
(Ann- thanks for running such a fabulous B&B!)

Ann took me to a newly discover fabric store, U- FAB, where I bought some beautiful french blue fabric which I will use to slipcover the sofa. Being a solid fabric, it should be a lot easier, not worrying about matching a pattern anywhere. I also bought some new area rugs from AAA Carpet. The website does not do the warehouse justice. T hey buy designer remnants and bind them right in their warehouse and they have an amazing selection at terrific prices... definitely worth a trip to Richmond if you are looking for an area rug.

On a side note, I am so thankful that my sweet husband doesn't have an opinion on these matters. It took him three days to notice that I had switched the old rugs to the new!

So much to do before school starts 2 weeks from tomorrow. Where did summer go?