Monday, September 27, 2010


When two of my seven blog readers ask when I'm going to post, I'd better get on it so I don't lose readers! Since school has started, there just isn't enough time to document the days. For the last three weeks, I spent every spare minute preparing to send some products with Chicks Pics to the Country Living Fair in Columbus Ohio.

I sent the usual, pillows, lazy susans, vintage bling magnets and soldered necklaces. One new item was these 12x12 decoupaged frames. I scanned and copied some vintage pictures and inserted them to show that the frames worked best with black and white photos. (My mother is the little girl on the left!) They were lots of fun to make.

All summer I had envisioned making "paper doll sachets". Finally I got around to printing these images on white linen and after stitching around the dolls, I filled them with french lavender. Off to the fair the girls went!

Finally, Ed and I went to USC for parent's weekend on the 17th. We had a wonderful time with Ben and his friends and their families.

So now I'm digging out of my craft mess that I created while creating!


  1. No wonder you don't have time to blog!!!LOL Love the creations!!! Did you see that Truffled Pig is going to be at Waterford this weekend?

  2. The frames are so cute! I miss you guys! xoxo