Monday, May 24, 2010

Big Plans for a BIG Space!I

Waiting for a new home.....

I have BIG summer plans... moving my sewing/craft "studio" from all over the upstairs of the house down to the basement. I have a designated room for my sewing and crafting, but it has spilled out of its little nook. So the plan first began this spring with giving away the pool table. Luckily, I found a friend who was thrilled to pay a moving company to relocate it to his home. YEAH!
Next, I picked out a beautiful new carpet for the entire basement which should be installed within the next week! Yipee, fresh and clean carpet!

The most fun has been planning the furnishings for the room. The space is BIG and open, at least it feels so much bigger than where I have been working. I have been looking through my idea books and found these pictures in a past issue of "Where Women Create". I just love the soft colors, floral patterns, open shelves and tall cupboards.

I'm not too sure my family would go for the ruffles... but I love it all!

Tonight during the next commercial for "Dancing with the Stars", Ed is helping me take this cupboard out of the car. (I was thrilled to find it at a little shop in Leesburg for a great price.) Thanks, Nathan for helping me load it! The dealer told me it was chestnut. All I know is that it weighs a ton and I already feel guilty about having plans to paint it, but I think it will look great painted with the other pieces I have planned to use in the room.

These two next pieces I painted this weekend. I've had the little drawer/shelf piece for several months. It cleaned up well and I love the brass drawer pulls. Above the top shelf is a long spring, probably once used to hold a curtain to cover the open shelves. I will probably use it for it's intended purpose. Fun!

The little two tier tea cart, I bought from The Cottage. I love the spindled sides and old rusty wheels. I am considering covering the two tiers with a pink ticking striped wall paper. It will be a useful piece for holding "works in progress" once the space is complete.

Stay tuned... it's gonna be fun to see it all come together. Ben... hurry home. I'm going to need some muscles to help move it all !


  1. Hi, J. I refinished an old three-drawer chest years ago.....huffed and puffed, scrapped and buffed.....and painted the darn thing blue. Then I hid it in the crawl space over the garage.....where it still is today.
    I'm just saying I sure envy your talent and creativity!

  2. How exciting - your "own" space!! And ruffles it should be, after all, it is your space!!! WWC is really a great source of inspiration!!!!

  3. You are so funny! I can't wait to see the finished product.