Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Hey Pop, How do you like my Brother?"

Crewe Robertson Myers
arrived June 22, 2011at 8:32 p.m..!!
He is P R E C I O U S!!

This picture was taken within an hour of his arrival! Holly did so well....when it comes to having babies....she is not her mother's child!
Jack was very attentive and intrigued. First, he said, that he needs to teach him how to walk!

Big Brother.....

Proud Pop....Oh so happy Mimi...

Amazed Uncle Ben....

Thrilled Aunt Betsy...

We were there for his first bath...and Jack helped wash Crewe's hair in the sink!

Thanks to Ben's persistence, we were able to SKYPE with Aunt Katie! ( We missed you being there with us!!!)

So you can see I've been a bit busy.....I'll try to be a better blogger as we head into the back stretch of Betsy's wedding plans!