Monday, October 11, 2010


Especially 3 days weekends! Here in Northern VA we have Columbus Day as a school holiday so I actually enjoyed a three day weekend with beautiful fall weather, good sleep and some serious sewing and thrifting time too! I stopped by the cottage this afternoon to drop off some pillows and took these pictures.

The cottage was filled with lots of new treasures. Love these stacks of vintage goodies!

And the tallest cubboard I think I've ever seen!

I love the change of seasons in the decor. I think this is the funniest picture.. the contrast of this delicate wild flower daisy with a pumpkin that is covered with warts!

And although I enjoy the warm colors of fall, I still prefer the soft sweet pastels... really all year long. My eye is just drawn to them! Earlier this month I made these little sachets from vintage linens, filled with French lavender.

And these yummie soft ribbons in the green cubbie that I look at more seriously every time I go in to the cottage. If is it still there next time, it may just come home with me!