Sunday, October 25, 2009

Getting Goodies Ready

I spoke with Linda and Ann this weekend and discovered that I need to have Christmas goodies ready for The Cottage Holiday Open House for November 6th! So between birthday festivities, I have been sewing sewing sewing. There os SO much I want to make...every year I say the same thing~I should have begun in July! This year I decided to do something with my collection of Christmas tablecloths. They are mostly cutters and have been found either on E BAY or flea markets. Even though I never pay more than $10, I always have to get my courage up to cut them.

I'm not sure I can cut this one.. so many cute pictures.

The little banner flags are kinda slow to produce. Layers of interfacing and lots of cutting.

And then rows of stitching.

I can't wait to see them intertwined with fresh greens and hanging up.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Honey!

Ed's birthday is Saturday, Oct. 24th and since it will be a busy weekend, I'm posting these birthday wishes early. Old friends from Richmond are coming up to celebrate with us. We're going to see "Jersey Boys" at the National Theater! It will be our second time seeing the play~ we loved it in New York and are anxious to see our friends and kids enjoy the experience.

So~ Happy Birthday, Honey! I love you!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Lucky Girl!

I consider myself a lucky girl...well, not really lucky, since I don't believe in luck. Maybe a better description would be blessed. I am so thankful that Ed doesn't mind my mess, many collections and half finished projects all over the house. And I'm not kidding when I say all over the house. Not only does each room contain an on going project, but I have the pleasure of having my own little space for my project supplies. The room is tiny and not very useful for "production"- hence projects all over the house, but I love just looking at all the buttons and crafting supplies. This summer, my friend came over for the day and worked on organizing the shelves in that room. When she had finished, ever angle in the room was a little piece of art.

Love, love, love ribbon!

Several handmade pincushions from my collection.

Inspiration board? Probably not, I just like looking at these sweet things.

Buttons and bling needing a little organizational attention!

Button card made by an artist whom I frequent at the flea market.

Miscellaneous collection which makes me smile:)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's Show Time

It's been a busy fall and it suddenly hit me this past weekend...Hillary was having her next Chicks Picks show beginning on Thursday! So I've been soldering and decoupaging like a crazy person... finishing a total of 23 pendants and 5 more lazy susans. I made a ton of clipboards, only to discover that I had forgotten to order the cello bags for them. So... the November Chicks show will have an abundance of clipboards and restocked magnets. I just got back from delivering the last few items and took some quick pictures of a few of the products I made this week.

Hillary is so funny... she named the pendants!

Magnets...plenty of them!

And some new designs for the lazy susans.

Here are some cute products that other vendors have made. Rings, rings and more rings!

If you're in the area, stop by the Chicks Picks Home Boutique, tomorrow through Saturday.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Who's that Little BOY?

Yesterday Ed, Holly and I went to Richmond for a wedding. Nathan stayed behind to keep Jack. So this morning I got a phone call from Holly to report that Nathan had taken Jack to get a haircut while we were away. "How short ?" I asked. "Well, they used clippers," she replied. I responded with a gasp. Nathan thought it was time for him to look like a boy!- and he does!!

Tonight we were invited over for dinner and when Betsy and I first saw him our mouths dropped open. It was a bit of a change and he didn't look like a sweet baby anymore. But it wasn't long before I actually liked it, because I realized he could be bald and still just as precious. And those eyes..... Each age, each stage.. it's indescribable! How blessed we are and thankful to God for Jack.

He fit right in with his big friends!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cute things on the porch!

This past weekend there was a lot of activity on the front porch! Jack had such fun discovering the pumpkins!
(Cute thing #1)

I made several arrangements of miniature yellow chrysanthemums to announce that Fall had arrived. They were only $1.49 ea. at Lowes and added so much fun color. (Cute thing #2)

The white pumpkins purchased at The Cottage filled the little green wagon. (Cute thing #3)

When we had this house built 20 years ago, we were so excited to have a front porch . I had visions of family porch gatherings. And over the years, the porch has been host to so much of our history.
Betsy and Stephen enjoyed the fall weather, hanging out on the porch Sunday afternoon.
(Cute thing #4)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where's Jack?

It's been a crazy busy week at school. Holly and Nathan have both been sick... which means Grandma got extra Jack time! :) But there's been little time for sewing and crafting. So I thought I'd share some fun pictures of Jack Cat. He really is so funny- we find him in the most unusual sleeping positions.

Makes me sleepy just looking at him so relaxed. Goodnight!